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Hot Hot Hair for summer 2012

Trending now in hair

The wet look - This look was all over the New York runways and is super easy to recreate for yourself. What you'll need for this look are Gel, Mouse, and Leave in conditioner. Hair can be worn all up and secured with a chop stick, half up secured with bobby pins, or all down. The key to this look is to do it fresh from the shower. Apply your favorite products and let it air dry! This is super easy to do and very low maintenance.

Beachy waves - This style is never out of style and is always sexy! This look is also called Boho waves because its very bohemian chic, romantic and for those with wavy hair can be effortless to create.

Retro aka Throwback hair - 60's inspired hair has made a big comeback and is more vibrant and fresh. Mod cuts, bodacious blowouts and even bouffants and beehives have all come back to make their mark if fashion and culture

Braids and Twists - Weather its a messy fishtail braid, or twists sculpted into a beautiful quaffed creation, this trend is always a way to make a "traditional" style more interesting and fashion forward.

What ever look you decide to try if not all don't forget the make up to complete the look. Even if its just tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss.

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