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Spring 2011 Hair trends

Finnaly winter is gone and spring has sprung! Goodby cold weather and hellow sunshine. Unfortunalty for me spring also means allergies...AHHHHHH! Looking on the bright side of things the 2011 spring trends are a sinch for anyone to pull of. You will look fierce waiting in line at Walgreens, at dinner, or rocking out at one of the many up and comming concert season.

Last year the top knot was all over the place and on everyones head! This year the top knot has slid down to the nape area for a more relaxed, but still chic look. Messy low buns, and tossled ponytails are taking the streets by storm. Other trends for the season include deep dramatic side parts and big bangs. For inspirtion of the bangs check out Jennifer Lopez. She is taking the big bangs and working them effortlessly.

To pull off the low messy bun look, first curl all your hair with a 1inch or larger surling iron, or curl rod. ( taking random sections).Put all the hair in a low pony. Then begin to grab randome sections and pin up around the base of the ponytail. Do not over think it! just grab and pin untill all the hair is pinned up. You can allways go back and repin pieces of hair to refine the look! Jessica Alba is whearing this look below.

Last but not least dont for get to take care of your hair!!! If you don't do a weekly deep conditioning your hair is not loving you right now. I recomend the Joico K-Pack Intense Hydrtor. Smells great and works wonderfully. It will replenishe moisture and lipids to overly dry, damaged hair, rendering it manageable, soft, shiny and hydrated. It also seals the cuticle and improves elasticity.

Alright folks that wraps it up for now. Check back soon for the next blog post! Untill then... drink your water, take your vitamins, get your butts off the coutch and do something!


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